Thank you for visiting our Website.  My name is Emma, I’m the proud owner and creator of, Ooh La Pasta!

Ooh La Pasta is the creation of my time spent living in Sicily back in the 90’s, along with a career in Events and Wedding Planning, over the past 10 years.

My experience of living in Sicily was wonderful, the Lifestyle, Culture and of course…the Food. It changed my whole outlook on cooking and the social side of meal times, I felt I needed to share this experience, eating good food and drinking good wine with friends and family, is such an integral part of Italian Life.

After returning to England with my new taste for Italian food, I’d cook for Family and Friends. Everyone seemed to love my food especially the Pasta, the compliments and my love of cooking for others ignited my idea for a Pasta Van so, in January 2017, Ooh La Pasta was born.

We bought an old Blue Horse Trailer in January and had our first booking for the 17th of April, four months away…nothing like a bit of pressure to keep you on your toes!

For three and a half months solid, my Dad and I (mainly my Dad) plus a few friends on the promise of free Pasta for life, worked tirelessly converting the Trailer into the delightful mobile kitchen it is today.  We have given her a new lease of life and a career change, not to dissimilar to myself!

In April, our first event came and went successfully, followed by many others, all of our hard work, sleepless nights and blood sweat and tears had finally paid off.

We have had nothing but positive feedback and great reviews from so many lovely people; being able to also offer Vegetarian, Celiac and some Vegan dishes means we can cater for an increasing number of people with dietary requirements.   Perfecto!

So, if you would like to add something unique and delicious to your event, Ooh La Pasta, promises freshly made yummy Italian food served from our gorgeously quirky kitchen by our friendly professional staff.

We are here to take away the stresses of feeding lots of hungry guests, it’s important to us that you enjoy the day you have worked so hard to create…  Buon Appetito. X



We hope to see you soon.